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Title :
ALK G1269A mutation as a potential mechanism of acquired resistance to crizotinib in an ALK-rearranged inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor
Authors :
Sebastian Y. F. Michels
Andreas H. Scheel
Thomas Wündisch
Johannes M. Heuckmann
Roopika Menon
Michael Puesken
Carsten Kobe
Helen Pasternack
Carina Heydt
Matthias Scheffler
Rieke Fischer
Anne M. Schultheis
Sabine Merkelbach-Bruse
Lukas Heukamp
Reinhard Büttner
Jürgen Wolf
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Subject Terms :
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Source :
npj Precision Oncology, Vol 1, Iss 1, Pp 1-4 (2017)
File Description :
electronic resource
Relation :
Access URL :
Academic Journal

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